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  • What is Key Club?
    Key Club is an international student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Key Club is one of the oldest and largest service programs for high school students. It is a program of the Kiwanis International family of service-leadership programs.
  • What are the benefits of Key Club?
    Key Club offers a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity to develop leadership skills, build relationships with peers, and gain service experience. Key Club also provides members the chance to participate in service projects and fundraising activities, as well as access to special events and scholarships. If you are going to any colleges and universities, they will be more impressed that you were an active member in key club.
  • What leadership opportunities are available within Key Club for its members?
    Key Club members have the opportunity to take on various leadership roles within the organization. These roles include serving as Club Officers, Club Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Event Chairs. Each of these roles offer the chance to develop and exercise leadership skills, while helping to make a positive impact in our community.
  • Does Key Club offer any scholarships or awards for outstanding members?
    Yes! Key Club offers a variety of scholarships and awards for outstanding members, including the Distinguished Key Club Award, which recognizes members who have gone above and beyond in their service to Key Club and their community. Additionally, Key Club International offers numerous scholarship opportunities for members to apply for. Visit their website for more information.
  • What is the structure of Key Club?
    Key Club operates with a clear hierarchical structure comprising four main levels. At the top is Key Club International, the governing body that sets policies, programs, and goals for the organization on a global scale. This level oversees international service initiatives and is led by a Board of Trustees comprised of elected Key Club members representing various regions. Moving down, the district level consists of geographical divisions housing multiple clubs. Each district has its own elected student leadership team responsible for supporting and guiding individual clubs within their region, organizing events, and facilitating collaboration among clubs. Below the district level is the division level, where a division comprises several Key Clubs in a more localized area. Division leaders, often appointed or elected, coordinate efforts among clubs, organize division-wide activities, and provide support to club officers. Finally, at the club level, individual Key Clubs operate within schools or communities, led by their own set of student officers who plan and execute service projects while being supported by club advisors, usually school faculty or staff. This hierarchical setup ensures effective leadership, fosters resource-sharing, and advances Key Club's mission of service, leadership development, and community engagement.
  • What is Key Club DCON?
    The Florida District of Key Club comprises numerous Key Clubs across the state of Florida. Each year, the district hosts its own District Convention, commonly abbreviated as DCON. This event serves as a gathering of Key Club members from different clubs within the Florida District. During the Florida District DCON Key Club, attendees participate in a range of activities, including: Leadership Workshops: Members have the opportunity to attend workshops and seminars that focus on leadership development, personal growth, and effective community service. District Officer Elections: Delegates from each Key Club in the district vote to elect new district officers who will lead and represent the Florida District for the upcoming term. Service Projects: Members may engage in various service projects and activities to give back to the local community or address specific social issues. Recognition and Awards: Outstanding Key Clubs, individual members, and advisors are recognized and awarded for their exceptional contributions to service and leadership. Networking and Camaraderie: The convention provides a platform for Key Club members to interact with peers from other schools, fostering friendships and a sense of unity among participants. Florida District DCON Key Club is an essential event in the Key Club calendar for the Florida District, promoting leadership development, service, and fostering a strong spirit of fellowship among Key Club members throughout the state.
  • How is Key Club different from other student organizations or clubs?
    Key Club differs from other student organizations and clubs in several key ways, which contribute to its unique identity and purpose: International Reach: Key Club is an international organization with chapters in many countries worldwide. It provides opportunities for global service initiatives and connections with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. Focus on Leadership Development: Key Club emphasizes leadership development as an essential aspect of its mission. It provides training, workshops, and conferences to help members grow as leaders and apply their skills in various aspects of life. Annual Conventions and Conferences: Key Club holds district and international conventions, providing opportunities for members to connect, share ideas, participate in workshops, and celebrate accomplishments. Affiliation with Kiwanis: Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis International, a global service organization dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities. This affiliation provides Key Club with additional resources, support, and opportunities for collaboration. Key Club's primary mission is service to others and the community. While other student organizations may have various objectives, Key Club's core value is volunteering and making a positive impact through service projects.
  • How do I file my community service hours?
    Here are the instructions to file your community service hours: Grab a community service hours sheet from the front office. Go to a service event and log your hours with the date, the amount of hours for volunteering, and the organization you are with. Go get our club advisor Mr. Houston to sign the community service hours sheet. Turn into your counselor.

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